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Overheard at the movies tonight

Earlier this evening, we were sitting in our little neighborhood theater, quietly waiting for the movie previews to start. Hubby was reading Twitter on his cell phone, and I found myself  listening to the couple behind me discuss her encounter with a local doctor.

She – let’s call her Theater Lady, or TL – is telling the man about her medical-neonepilepsy, and how she thinks something (the “something” was vague and I didn’t hear it)  is triggering her seizures, and she’s not sure if she’s right, but she went to a specialist to ask. This specialist looked TL over, and listened to her idea, and then asked, “Have you ever considered medical marijuana?”

TL stops at this point, and makes several noises, in a row, indicating how obvious it is that this is, beyond a doubt, the stupidest idea she’s ever heard. She describes how she asks the doctor to repeat himself. He did.

TL says to her friend, “And I’m like, sure, and why don’t I just try smoking some meth? Or doing some coke?”

Her friend was making affirmative noises. And then he said, “Well, yeah, I mean, around here….”

I’m thinking, around here? Around here, what? It’s Seattle, which means every medical professional within city limits is offering their patients medical marijuana?

TL continues. “So of course I went to someone else. And she hears all this and she’s like, ‘No, I’m not going to tell you to go smoke a bong or something.'”

It was hard, I’ll admit, not to turn around, and ask her if she’s done any googling into the studies showing promising results using medical marijuana for epilepsy, or tell her that the gateway drug theory was debunked ages ago.

I considered ways to phrase it;  avoiding any scolding tone, saying it in a friendly way. But no scenario came off avoiding the obvious truth that, Hi,  I was just listening in to your conversation, you know, the one about your private health condition and your search for a doctor who will listen to your theories, and ten seconds before the movie starts, I’d like to inform you that you’re wrong about medical marijuana.

A minute later, the previews began. I let it go. But it was sad to hear. Medical marijuana is helping me so much. Encountering attitudes like TL’s will become a more frequent occurrence, I’m sure. In a different situation, with a better and more appropriate opening, I hope that I will say something.